Stan Hema

April 2019, Heinle, Wischer und Partner

Stone and concrete are turned into typography and image: we translate built architecture into project brochures for the architecture firm HW+P. Its recently completed “MAIN Materials, Architecture and Integration of Nanomembranes” research centre is a tribute to minimalism. The building is a free space for dialogue and research. The brochure visualises this concept. It is clear, bright and decidedly functional in terms of form. The publication was created as part of HW+P’s brand development.

Website Heinle, Wischer und Partner

April 2019, Deutsches Historisches Museum

Berlin 2019 is not Weimar. And yet it feels as if the democratic system is flaking away up and down the length and breadth of Germany and elsewhere in Europe. The Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin is now presenting an exhibition and series of events on the zeitgeist with “Democracy 2019”. It explores Weimar and the nature and value of democracy. Our exhibition communication anchors the topic visually in urban space as political, radical, acute. Our work will be visible until 22 September 2019, the day of the closing event. You have time to compare the past with the present at the DHM until then.

Website Deutsches Historisches Museum

March 2019, Restaurant im Hamburger Bahnhof

Good food is made by hand. Berlin’s Restaurant im Hamburger Bahnhof is well-known for this. And its latest menus now highlight this: As part of the new brand identity, we produced them from high-quality, sustainable materials by hand. Together with the print shop and bookbindery, we are responsible for the concept, design and delivery.

Website Restaurant im Hamburger Bahnhof