Stan Hema

June 2020, IONTO Health and Beauty Group / SÜDA CARE

Product line positioning, secondary and primary packaging, visual coding, logo and naming: we accomplished quite a lot for SÜDA CARE, which is part of the IONTO Health and Beauty Group. SÜDA CARE now visually appeals to beauticians and end customers and clearly sets itself apart from the competition on the shelf. The look is warmer and more natural without losing the product line’s medical character. We have been supporting the IONTO Group since 2015.

Website IONTO Health and Beauty Group

May 2020, Jivita

The Jivita therapy centre in Zurich combines complementary with classical medicine. We have translated this alliance into a key visual consisting of opposing and fluid forms that repeatedly form different constellations. With a new visual language that focuses on native medicinal herbs, new fonts, colours and an enhanced logo, it forms the core of our brand presence for the Swiss company.

Website Jivita

May 2020, Gut Kerkow

The opening of the Gut Kerkow organic butcher’s shop in Berlin is another way for us to raise the brand profile. We translated our strategic work into an image that is also visible in the branch concept, the campaign and the website. Kerkow is one of eight companies in the Sarah Wiener Group, which we have been supporting comprehensively since 2016. Our team moderated the entire brand family’s development process and defined the individual strategies and brand architectures.

Website Gut Kerkow

April 2020, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin

The Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin also presented its 2020/21 season design at its annual press conference. This is the première for our further development of the brand. It reflects the accessibility and vitality of the orchestra. A font with a presence lets the DSO red colour “shine” again. The logo has been modernised and the visual language completely revised. It was created for us by the photographer Jörg Brüggemann from Ostkreuz. His photos are an ode to closeness, joy and music.

Website Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin

April 2020, Dr. Hauschka

The new magazine from Dr. Hauschka is in tune with the times: “Working Together” is part of a campaign which we have developed that celebrates community, nature and healthy self-care. Content-driven, we speak to people for whom beauty, a healthy environment and a fair society are inseparable. Our design and editing team have designed and executed. The magazine is online and will be available in selected pharmacies and organic markets. Work has already started on the second issue.

Website Dr. Hauschka