Stan Hema

March 2020, Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin has presented its new image. It was created by us, including the brand strategy and architecture, mission statement and the JMB Pro font family. The museum is not a place that stands still. So the will to change, diversity and discourse also drive our adaptive design. At a time when constant indignation is overshadowing public dialogue, the JMB is encouraging us to “Think out loud.” A plea for wanting to learn instead of already knowing. For openness, curiosity, respect.

Jewish Museum Berlin Case

March 2020, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

There are jobs that grab you right by the designer’s honour: the exhibition communication for “Marken:Zeichen. Das Grafische Atelier Stankowski + Duschek” falls into this category. Karl Duschek and Anton Stankowski were among the leading communication designers in Germany. They created the Deutsche Bank logo. We developed all the media and the guidance system for the exhibition at Berlin’s Kunstbibliothek, which runs until June 2020. It was a real pleasure.

Website Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

February 2020, Pelikan

The Pelikan Group has assigned its global brand strategy budget to us. As a result, we are now working for one of the most internationally renowned brands in the paper, office supplies and stationery sector, and its successful subsidiary Herlitz. “We look forward to supporting Pelikan with its repositioning,” says Stan Hema partner Stephanie Kurz. “An exciting remit to turn this traditional brand into a sensory experience in the digital space.”

Website Pelikan

February 2020, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Welcome, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart! Our first new client in 2020 is the largest museum in Baden-Württemberg. We are conceiving and designing an integrated campaign, optimising the system for programme communication and developing a new magazine format for the Staatsgalerie. The works in the collection and the people at the Staatsgalerie have a lot to say. We are giving them a voice – and communicating art through narrative.

Website Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

January 2020, Bauhaus Verbund 2019

100 years of Bauhaus comprised into 60 wild seconds. Designed and produced for the Bauhaus Cooperation. The culmination after five years of intensive (preliminary) work on the anniversary. It was a great time! Gropius is fitting in this context: “The mind is like an umbrella—it functions best when open.”

To video on 100 years of bauhaus