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A new look for GLS Bank.



  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity

A new corporate design and brand language for GLS Bank’s analogue and digital communication.

Develop the image of the brand through a new design principle, a modern font and the brave use of colour. And a new brand language.

A fresh design and a clear language, which together express the character and mindset of the cooperative bank.

The new look of GLS Bank? It is brave, motivational and progressive. We are building a fresh, expressive identity for the pioneer of sustainable investments, which stands for social and ecological change as a cooperative bank: Powerful design and clear language to resolutely support the GLS community going forward.

Changing the world. And its own look.
GLS is a bank that stands for an ecological and more socially equitable future. It is a cooperative that drives change. A team of different, dedicated people who work to achieve a common goal: to change the world together.

We communicate this motivation with confidence. That is why we are refreshing the look of GLS Bank, using strong colours, infographics and a modern font. Why is it necessary? GLS Bank’s old corporate design grew organically over the years, with more and more new elements and rules being added. Additionally, the spin-offs of GLS Bank all developed their own design variants. This made the brand’s appearance unclear. Employees found it increasingly difficult to work with the old corporate design. Last but not least, it was unsuitable for digital media.

A functional design in both digital and analogue formats.
That is why we are working with the GLS Bank team to develop a new corporate design and create a young, clear and efficient design system. Our design concept? Show attitude! We opted for Circular as the font. It works in digital and analogue formats and its rounded letters communicate the cooperative bank’s all-round approach.

We have also chosen striking colours that catch the eye and exude confidence. Other design elements like icons and geometric shapes, such as in the form of infographics, illustrate complex relationships in an easy-to-understand way.

Moving images.
Another new development is the determined motion design concept for all of GLS Bank’s digital applications, from social media to videos on the website. The colour fields, typography, icons and geometric design elements now communicate information dynamically and confidently. Messages are easy to frame in an exciting way using simple animations such as a colour change from yellow to blue or from pink to green. Moreover, the motion from left to right conveys progressiveness and optimism.

A modern language for a modern bank.
Words and language help strengthen a brand: its written identity underpins its visual identity, and vice versa. They both represent who we are, how we are and what drives us. As such, we are developing a modern brand language for GLS Bank alongside its visual corporate design.

Like the new design, the new brand language is clear, lively, positive and yet absolutely serious at the same time. We help the employees explore the new linguistic area in various language workshops. We also support the implementation of the new design system in an advisory capacity and continue to work closely with the GLS team.

And GLS Bank? It now has a new corporate design that works in both digital and analogue formats. One that makes life easier for its employees. And one that, according to Aysel Osmanoglu, Director of GLS Bank: ‘The fresh new colours express the courage and creative drive of a socially and ecologically conscious bank, show attitude and stand for the responsible use of money.’

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