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Companies on a growth trajectory are currently facing a double challenge: being attractive to customers as well as to new talent. We are supporting Grant Thornton in this challenge and turning the employer brand into an employer value proposition (EVP) that attracts qualified colleagues – from interns to senior positions.

While retaining focus on performance and quality, Grant Thornton puts the individual and their self-efficacy at the centre of everything. In a campaign, we are communicating this EVP to the outside world, creating reach and, at the same time, offering authentic insights into one of Germany’s most successful auditing firms.

The first phases of the campaign reflect the values of the company and create a change of perspective in communication. Grant Thornton makes its own application to potential applicants and asks the honest question: ‘Are we right for you?’

Thereafter, we show real employees and let them have their say in video testimonials: on camera, they talk about the impact they make with their work. The perspectives could hardly be more different: from a senior manager who advocates for diversity to a single mother who runs a department and a sustainability expert who has made a conscious decision not to work for an NGO.

What’s special about the videos is that not a word of them is scripted. The five protagonists act as authentic brand ambassadors for Grant Thornton. In doing so, they show what employer branding means in the best-case scenario: shaping the employer brand from the inside out.

The employees make the EVP visible and tangible. And their appeal is reflected in the success of the campaigns: Grant Thornton recorded an above-average increase in motivated applications in the first few weeks after they began.

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