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Successful media brands don’t just make their money
by disseminating information. They connect multi-niche platforms with commercial systems. It is precisely this diversity that requires a consistent and seamless brand experience. The Heilbronner Stimme newspaper has recognised that. That is why in 2021, the year of its 75th anniversary, the family-owned company has established the new umbrella brand Stimme Mediengruppe.

While the consultants from diffferent pushed ahead with the process of transforming from a newspaper publisher to a media Group, we worked on a design that reflects the Group: a consistent appearance for the mothership Heilbronner Stimme and its subsidiaries. Clear, respectable, independent. Characterised by a functional, timeless font. Fresh, vibrant accent colours. And texts with which our editorial team has communicated the advantages of the brand within the Group.

With our design, the media Group is moving into the future with power. We achieved this goal by working with a broad-based team from the Stimme – including management – and our colleagues from diffferent in a creative collective. Workshops, sprints and tissue meetings were implemented remotely. Successful co-creation rather than a traditional waterfall approach. The benefit? Security in dealing with the new design on the client side and desire to use it to shape the Stimme Mediengruppe on a daily basis.

Contact person

Andreas Weber
Brand consulting, Managing director

Tanja Fiedler
Communications consulting, storytelling


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