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The principle of collectivity: the documenta fifteen website.



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A website which focuses on equal rights, collectivity, diversity, working as a community and the responsible use of resources has to be able to breathe. That is why we have built as a living, modular and process-oriented system. It is irritating, playful, colourful and bold all at once.

Every visit to the site is its own experience as colours, handwriting and print, illustrations, photography and content are mixed at random. Its content and design elements are changing continuously. The spotlight shines on artists and local initiatives equally on an alternating basis. It is a clear rejection of the conventional star principle of the art scene to which documenta fifteen will not submit.


The website is the continuation of our creative collaboration with the Indonesian design collective ruangrupa which curates the exhibition, as well as the Indonesian student group 4oo2. Working together, we have already developed the visual identity of documenta fifteen. The developers from New Now are new additions to the team.

Our common goal was to create a website that never stops inspiring and surprising. A barrier-free, service-oriented platform that provides visitors, creative artists, art experts and anyone with an interest with all of the relevant information about the exhibition, while also leaving room for discourse about ideas, content and values. Based on a design system that can always adapt to new needs and requirements with flexibility – essentially a permanent work in progress.

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documenta fifteen
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Custom Typeface for documenta fifteen
Custom typeface for documenta fifteen.