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Transformation from a seller of products to a problem-solver.



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When everything calls for the “agile” and “authentic”, brands must stay alert. That is why we act as your matcha tea: we define brand development as a permanent process that is never complete. A clear example of this approach is our work for Selux, the international outdoor luminaire manufacturer. We have been continuously developing the brand since 2011.

When Selux put its strategic focus on outdoor lighting solutions, we responded immediately. A new brand platform and fresh media approach now address the needs of the newly defined target groups. The platform and media concept are part of our tailored brand strategy: Selux no longer communicates products but themes. A magazine has replaced the print catalogues, whose content is now available online. Sed cards and involvement in a trade fair in 2020 are in the pipeline. In short, we are communicating facts and generating emotion at a whole range of different levels.

To us, this new phase of brand development is just one chapter in the evolution of Selux. To be continued.

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Selux Factsheets mit Grafiken und Lichtverteilungen Selux Factsheets mit Grafiken und Lichtverteilungen

At Selux, we have also examined our own organisation and got our staff invested in this being about more than just communication. Employees strongly identify with the Selux vision and mission. They recognise the social relevance of what they do, and work with huge.
Katharina Städele
Brand strategy

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When a brand is as modern, clearly defined and independent as Selux, it also has the necessary flexibility and can succeed in a difficult market environment. Such a brand offers security.
Andreas Weber
Brand consulting, partner

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Mathias Illgen
Brand consulting, Managing director


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The “that’s who we are! moment”.

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G-Beauty by Nature.

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