Deutsche Oper Berlin: Season 22/23

Because opera doesn’t sleep: AI and a seasonal campaign full of emotions.


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  • 2022/2023
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Making the transformative power of opera visible. With this aim in mind, we developed a campaign idea to accompany Deutsche Oper Berlin over three seasons. The 22/23 season campaign kicks off with innovative visuals for print and digital media. – Contrary to conventional viewing habits, this is an extraordinary and risk-taking opera communication. Created with the help of a tool of our time: artificial intelligence.


What’s so special about it? The DNA of Deutsche Oper Berlin can also be transported through this newly generated imagery in a tangible way. This is possible because they draw on a dataset of several hundred repertoire images of the opera. The results provoke and require the viewer to take the risk of engaging with something new. The campaign aims to bring to life what a visit to the opera can feel like: exciting, emotional, unsettling, entertaining – but always transformative.


The seasonal campaign builds on the existing corporate design of Deutsche Oper Berlin and, like musical theatre, is multi-sensory: opera sound, motion design and surprising motifs complement each other to create an overall experience and make it clear: opera doesn’t sleep. 'In doing so, we show that opera keeps its finger on the pulse of the times, reflects on social change and critically questions itself. This is exactly what we want to achieve,’ emphasises Daniela Vogel, designer at Stan Hema.

Such big steps can only be achieved through close cooperation. The co-creation with Deutsche Oper Berlin was an equal, transparent and open process. ‘Our design principles now live on independently, as in house designer Lilian Stathogiannopoulou can also transfer them to other media, such as the monthly “Libretto” magazine,’ says Lead Designer Peer Hempel.

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