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Grant Thornton numbers among the top ten most successful auditing firms in Germany. The company aims to become even more successful in the coming years: we are supporting Grant Thornton on this growth mission and developing a multi-stage campaign designed to increase the brand’s public profile and strategically communicate strong confidence in the expertise of the company.

Eye-level communication with the target group is critical to the entire campaign. Grant Thornton defines itself as a reliable partner to national and international SMEs and has in-depth knowledge of the socio-economic, legal and political challenges they face.

We transform cooperation at eye level and profound knowledge of SMEs into attention-grabbing headlines such as ‘Straight talk rather than tactics’ or ‘Solutions, not nonsense’. At the same time, our campaign claims express Grant Thornton’s high regard for the target group and the work it does (‘Thanks, Mittelstand’).

Whereas the first campaign prioritised the linguistic dimension combined with the brand’s unmistakeable violet colour, we are developing our own imagery for the second campaign. Our designers are transforming sections of Grant Thornton’s industry portfolio into a simple, abstract design aesthetic that will be highly recognisable. The result: animated renderings that can also be used on the website, at trade fairs and events and in print communication outside of the campaign.

Our partnership with Grant Thornton even extends beyond the campaign on a language level: we are developing a contemporary brand language, assisting with editorial work and implementing the new brand language by means of language workshops within the company.

In a hotly contested market, only authentic communication whose content has been authentically derived from the brand can have a lasting impact. This is reflected by the success of our campaign and the perception of the brand: Grant Thornton currently ranked highest for trust, quality, reliability and expertise by the target group.


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