Bette moves.



  • Visual Identity

Modern motion design for the bathroom manufacturer Bette in Delbrück, Westphalia.

Use outstanding motion design to make the brand stand out. This is how we communicate the special qualities of the products in a modern way.

Extraordinary imagery portrays Bette as an exciting, new and dynamic family business.

Bette manufactures quality bathtubs, shower trays and basins out of glazed titanium steel. We develop motion design that envisages the brand from a fascinatingly different perspective.

The bathroom is more than just a functional room. We use moving images to portray this room as emotional, lively and exciting. They visualise the relationship between space and time, tell stories and convey experiences.

Together with the management, marketing department and sales team of the Delbrück-based bathroom manufacturer Bette, we have been shaping the brand in strategic, creative and editorial terms since 2016.

Images that create experiences.
We are using motion design to drive Bette’s brand communication and to visually position the family business far ahead of its competitors – in keeping with the architecturally high-quality bathroom items that have won numerous design awards.

In order to demonstrate how much the BetteGlasur® can handle, we subject it to fire, chemicals and impact from stones. This creates photos and videos that present the enamelled titanium steel for baths, shower basins and washbasins in a powerful and aesthetically pleasing way.

With the series BetteAir of the month we take a closer look at the individual advantages of the flush-fitting BetteAir shower tray and make our own artistic impression on social media with every post.

An encounter with the future.
BetteLevel is a tool that dramatically simplifies the installation of a shower. We follow the development of this revolutionary innovation from day one: with naming, claims and text. Not to mention exclusive renderings that present BetteLevel in a sensual manner. The weightless, futuristic look and feel of the motion design is a nod to the visionary character of the product.

From the initial idea for the modernisation to availability in selected stores, we communicate BetteLevel prominently at all digital and analogue touchpoints with a landing page, social media posts and newsletters – and even at ISH in Frankfurt, the sector’s most important exhibition. The result is a successful product launch reflected in outstanding figures for Bette.

Restyling experiments.
The BetteSuno product line is a collaboration between Bette and the London-based industrial design studio Barber Osgerby. It is inspired by the concept of improving the bathroom experience for people. The approach of Barber Osgerby is experimental and the designers explore different materialities and colours. This produces solutions that are closely linked with industrial processes and new technology.

The BetteSuno series is manufactured on the basis of designs by Barber Osgerby in Bette’s factory in Delbrück. Claims, text, motion design and other communications are provided by Stan Hema.

Our communication of the BetteBalance series of washbasins demonstrates how a new product family can be presented in a distinctive and modern way, utilising minimalism, elegance and motion. This example also proves that motion design creates different perspectives and ways of framing a subject, for a complete product and brand experience.

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A family business with a future.

Pictures define identity.

Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Badewanne Farbe