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Our world defines identity through images. Photo and film immediately affect the heart and mind. We ensure that brands profit from the power of images. We tell their relevant stories in pictures, strengthening their identity – mobile, on the net and in the space.

We have been supporting Bette since 2016. During this time, we have redefined the visual imagery on the basis of our communication strategy and developed the brand as a result. We are responsible for the creative direction of all image productions, from the first concept sketch to the finished subject. We brought the photographer Christoph Sagel on board right from the start: we are location scouts, put together production teams, take over the art direction on site and supervise post-production.

Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Badewanne, Waschtisch und Möbel Lux Shape
Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Badewanne Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Waschtisch
Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Waschtisch
Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Badewanne Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Duschfläche

Our first film was made for Bette in December 2018. It was shot in the no man’s land of the Spanish border region between Catalonia and Aragón. The spectacular backdrop for staging the Bette bathtubs was provided by the Chilean architect Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s Solo House I and the Solo House II by the Belgian Office KGDVS.

Photos and film will continue to form the visual basis for all relevant media in 2019: catalogues, trade fair appearances, website and press relations.

By reducing everything to the space, material and product, we have developed a strong differentiating feature in what is often a very monotonous market. We’re not interested in fictitious bathrooms: we see product and architecture as one unit because this is the only way to turn a photo into a visual experience and create a whole world of images.
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Bette Bildwelt und Fotoshooting Badewanne Farbe

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