In conversation with Dorothee Kaser

A digital product has to be vibrant and communicative.

Dorothee Kaser and Julia Freymark
September 30, 2021

Good design is always based around people. The same holds true for digital products. As a UX strategist, Dorothee Kaser supports clients through every stage of development. In her interview, she explains the importance of regular communication throughout the process and why an interdisciplinary team is essential.

Julia: How did you become a UX strategist?

Dorothee: I studied Visual Communication and soon developed an interest in digital processes. As a UX consultant with many years’ experience in the development of digital projects, I have a good understanding of all the challenges in terms of content and design, but also functionality and technical aspects.

Julia: What do you find inspiring about your work?

Dorothee: Definitely the diversity of topics. Also, the fact that I am always encountering new people and challenges. What matters to me most is that a digital product not only works but is also vibrant and communicative. The aim is always an interactive user experience that takes account of the client’s needs. I can’t achieve this on my own, but instead always work together with my team.

Julia: Do all the different departments at Stan Hema always get together for each project?

Dorothee: It really depends on the project and the skills required. One good example is the online magazine for Dr Hauschka. Here we worked closely together with the Brand Strategy and Editorial departments, which was really exciting.In general, a specialist from each department is involved in most projects. Given the complexity of the requirements, it would be pretty much impossible otherwise.

Julia: Earlier, you mentioned the different requirements for digital projects. How do you bring these together? Is there a standard process?

Dorothee: Yes, we have a standard process that we adapt for each project. In general, our design, concept and development work always centres around the user. The agile standard process includes analysis and research, concept development, User Interface design, and of course the actual implementation. For each project phase, we individually define our goals and what we need in order to achieve them. Then we select our tools and methods accordingly.

Julia: Is there any project that you found particularly enriching?

Dorothee: It’s hard to choose one. Projects become dear to me for different reasons. Either because I’m particularly interested in the content or because I enjoy the complexity. And sometimes I also find the project to be very visually appealing, like the microsite for BetteAir, a floor-level shower tile. Here we worked with 3D rendering and on-scroll animations to present the product in a particularly appealing way.

Julia: This team spirit also creates an allure that is tangible to the outside world. How do our clients benefit?

Dorothee: They benefit greatly from it. The close teamwork conveys not only safety but also the direction of travel. Thanks to the guided process we use, we all move in the same direction and don’t lose sight of the end-goal. It is a journey that we can only undertake together. And that is what makes it so exciting and enriching.

Watch the video to get an overview of digital products by Dorothee Kaser.

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