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For the Deutsches Historisches Museum, history only exists in a double pack with the present. The institution shows its visitors how relevant yesterday is for today. It wants to encourage their power of judgement. With its 1,000,000 or so exhibits, it is therefore much more than a treasure chest.


The DHM informs, classifies, enlightens, educates. We have developed all the tools for this to stimulate discourse between the museum and the public: campaigns, individual posters and catalogues advertising permanent and special exhibitions. In addition, there is a magazine, which we are helping to design and produce, and a series of symposia. The new brand identity was also created in the process. In addition, there is a magazine, which we helped to design and produce, and a symposium series. The brand identity was revised by us.

1917. Revolution. Russia and Europe.
18 Okt 2017—15 Apr 2018


Wilhelm und Alexander von Humboldt.
21 Nov 2019—19 Apr 2020


Saving. History of a german virtue.
23 Mar—26 Aug 2018


From Luther to Twitter. Media and the public sphere.
10 Sep 2020—11 Apr 2021


Democracy 2019
4 Apr—22 Sep 2019


Our work benefited from the exchange with the curators and the museum team responsible for education and outreach. Their view of the past and present, their knowledge and enthusiasm for epochs, people and objects, defines our design: the modern staging of individual exhibits, the statements by historical personalities, the use of typography, form and image. We communicate the DHM in a theme-driven and emotional way.


The #fokusdhm video series, which we supervise from conception to editing, was created in exchange with the curators and artbeats. Historical reflections that look very closely at selected moments in history, the players and their significance for the present. An invitation to see and understand the past in a new way.

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Anne Mauersberger
Project management


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