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bauhaus now
The official magazine of the Bauhaus centenary 2019
Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar



Magazine development
Editorial design
Marketing communication

Brands need design and language to breathe. The magazine bauhaus now shows how we network both with each other. Our designers and editors worked closely on the dramatic staging of stories, formats and visuals from the very first minute of the project. But we didn’t think in trades, we thought in roles.

Designers developed content, editors worked on the bauhaus now look. Together they built up a network of authors and artists who shared our idea of a modern Bauhaus magazine. This becomes visible through the depth of the details: the typography and typesetting reflect the anchor theme in each of the three editions. Despite their individuality, the magazines form one entity in terms of content and visuals. Photography, graphics and journalistic formats don’t steal each other’s show but rather stick up for each other.

As a result, a magazine has been created in the anniversary year of Bauhaus that reached the masses at the kiosk, was appreciated by experts and gave us a lot of positive feedback within the design scene. What particularly pleases us is the sustainability of our work: the whole trilogy has become a collector’s item.

bauhaus now is part of the bauhaus 100 cosmos and thus a chapter of a diverse brand world that we have developed for the anniversary year of the avant-garde icon.

Fabian Maier-Bode

“We invested a lot of blood and sweat to stylistically harmonise free content with the compulsory topics. In an almost political project like the Bauhaus anniversary, the different actors, the federal government, the federal states, the curators and the tourism industry naturally have different needs. Despite the conflict of interest, we have managed to publish a series of magazines that are open-minded and encourage open discourse. Including high-quality and contemporary design.”

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Mathias Illgen
Managing director, partner