Julia Freymark

Julia Freymark

Julia Freymark acquired a holistic view of the various media sectors during her trimedial studies in “KulturMediaTechnologie” (radio, online and television) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. In the spirit of cross-media journalism, she designed her 2019 thesis in the form of a pageflow (multimedia storytelling) to find out how music influences our buying behaviour. Her fascination with travel and curiosity about foreign cultures led her to Spain in 2019, where she gained international work experience as a video producer for internal communications at SAP in Barcelona, among other things. One year later she dedicated herself to television journalism (ME.Works, Cologne) and travelled through Europe for the WDR travel format “2für300”. She joined Stan Hema in March 2021 and is taking the plunge into the creative world of brand communications.

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