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Brand strategy
Corporate design
Website development

How does the “first science centre in the world” remain relevant? Through a progressive external image that repositions the brand and is the result of necessary change on the inside. A transformation that we have worked intensively on at all levels.

Urania Berlin has been promoting the friendship between science and the public since 1888. It does not turn knowledge and research into subjects for the few, but shares it with the many. This requires an astute discourse and an audience that lives in the now. We have developed a new image for these people.

It makes the Urania in Berlin clearly visible and addresses new visitors: young Berliners who experience Urania as a forum that puts their topics and questions on the city’s agenda.

The development of its new appearance was preceded by inner change. We also accompanied this stage in an advisory capacity. Together with the Urania team, we were able to analyse, question and refine the profile, strategy and programme scheme. The visible result of this process? A new position through contemporary content and topic series. And a design that is effective in the urban space, on the new website we developed and in communication on all channels.

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Stephanie Kurz
Strategy, Partner