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What do we value? What do we actually need? And how much of it really? Questions that influence our life and our work as designers and strategists – especially now, in this unusual May 2020, when the concept of “systemically important” has become part of our everyday language. 

For us, the Sarah Wiener Group’s family of brands is an example of what better business and responsible entrepreneurship can, must look like. We have been developing the Group since 2016. Right now we are supporting it in launching two new companies in Berlin: the Gragger organic bakery and Gut Kerkow’s first organic butcher’s shop. Both make products that are actually needed. They do this locally, organically, sustainably, fairly and transparently. This attitude distinguishes the whole group.

Gut Kerkow


It is mainly our strategists who have moderated, supported and shaped the development process of the entire brand family and the individual companies: a balancing act between the affiliation and independence of eight GmbHs in total and one foundation. With this breadth, the brand family covers the entire value chain from the production, processing and sale of food, to catering and restaurant services, and nutritional education in the foundation. 

The highly complex work focuses on a wide range of stakeholders, their needs and objectives. Workshops and work meetings in different constellations formed the basis. Closeness, trust and open dialogue still characterise the intensive cooperation between our strategists and Sarah Wiener’s people.

Stephanie Kurz,
Brand consulting

“We were able to work so effectively and translate our strategic solutions into great visual results because over a long period of time we became, and still are, part of the Sarah Wiener Group. Which is why we also succeeded in making Sarah Wiener’s original idea tangible everywhere: the artisan production of organic food for the well-being of people and the environment.”

Hoflieferanten Berlin

Restaurant Hamburger Bahnhof

Behind the scenes, we conducted market analyses, worked on brand strategy and pushed ahead with vision and mission processes. We were then able to translate ideas and findings into brand architecture as well as into various brand images, communication concepts, campaigns and individual media. Visually, they do not use any organic clichés and communicate the product and quality promise.

Wolfram Kornemann,


“Working for products that are actually needed and that you are convinced of as a consumer and fan is one of the best things that can happen to you as a designer.”

Stephanie Kurz is overseeing the project as a strategist.
She is a co-founder of Stan Hema and is looking forward to your questions.

Stephanie Kurz
Brand consulting, partner