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How do we tackle the issue of brand development? Real experiences get to the point better than theoretical statements. So we talked to one of our clients: Modulor founder Christof Struhk and our strategist Stephanie Kurz talk about curiosity, analysis and the power of workshops.

Christof, can you please describe the initial situation, how our collaboration started?

Modulor is a trading company that sells materials for all kinds of creative people. For a long time we didn’t do any external communication, no marketing, no advertising, no brand communication. Word of mouth was enough for us. Nevertheless, it was clear to us that we would have to communicate more powerfully and aggressively with the outside world in future if we wanted to continue to grow. But we lacked the basics for coherent communication.

How did you feel about our collaboration?

We opted for Stan Hema because we noticed that you work with people who don’t immediately think in terms of design, but who analytically determine the basics first. It wasn’t about just selling us a corporate design, but really understanding who we are and what we need. That was extremely important to us.

You take a holistic view of the brand. You made it very clear to us that with every form of communication we must immediately be identifiable as the sender. Before that, my team and I only discussed what was nice and what wasn’t. But nice is not a criterion! It is about our brand communicating to the outside world in such a way that customers or suppliers can be identified at every point of contact: that’s Modulor! Perfect!

What I found exceptional was that we really worked in partnership on the brand.

Exactly! I didn’t get the feeling with you that an agency thinks it knows what we’re all about after working with our company for one or two weeks. You were curious, asked questions, and took our input very seriously. You talked to customers, employees, asked passers-by on Alexanderplatz about Modulor, and you found out about the degree of our brand awareness. Which, to be honest, wasn’t as high as we wanted it to be. And with this knowledge we started with the workshops.

Our goal was also to enable you to work with the things we developed yourself.

I found that was spot-on, that we were able to work out our vision, our mission and our brand core together with you in the workshops, sometimes even over two days. You didn’t prepare everything for us in advance with a roll-out so we then stand there as an entrepreneur and just say: thank you. Through your workshops you have already made the development of the brand and communication part of the implementation process. So we can work with both of them much more effectively ourselves and that is crucial.

Thank you, Christof.
You’re welcome!

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