Kulturstiftung der Länder

Kulturstiftung der Länder
The Cultural Foundation of
the German States
Since 2008


Brand strategy
Corporate design
Website development
Magazine development
Editorial design

Binding of the Samuhel Book of Gospels from the Quedlinburg cathedral treasury, dated approx.
840 CE (Source: The Cultural Foundation of the German States)

The mission of the Cultural Foundation of the German States is to promote and preserve art and culture of national importance. Its first spectacular success was in the early 1990s: the return of the Quedlinburg Cathedral Treasures to the foundation. Since then it has greatly increased its activities. Stan Hema facilitated an internal process to clarify the foundation’s identity, formulate its strategic foundation, and modernize its brand look and feel. It is characterized by a traditional yet open approach to typography and color that is dignified and understated, and thus puts content in the spotlight. Stan Hema provided ongoing consultation for the foundation in implementing its brand strategy, and is responsible for the concept and design of all its communication media.

The Arsprototo magazine is the core communication medium for the Cultural Foundation of the German States. It is published quarterly with a circulation of 15,000. Stan Hema completely reworked its concept in 2009. Thanks to the high quality of its journalism, it has since evolved into a renowned journal for the arts. We provide editorial consulting on content and imagery for each issue, and design the entire magazine.

Patrimonia, a scientific papers series