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A new generation at an SME: how do you support this transformation? Especially when it’s not just the father and son who are undergoing change but the brand too? Growing together and with each other is a good route. Our work has enabled Julian and Martin La Fontaine to do this. Their company is the IONTO Health and Beauty Group (IHB), a hidden champion.

Julian La Fontaine,
Managing Director IONTO

“Stan Hema has successfully managed to position our traditional brands in a new and target group-focused way. The founder and next generation are extremely well reflected in the outcome. The brand relaunches have made a significant contribution to the transition between generations and made it visually clear.”

The group is a classic family-run business: its original brand IONTO-Comed is the market leader in cosmetic devices. Gertraud La Fontaine had designed the logo. She was a technical pioneer, beautician and the mother of La Fontaine Senior. The respectful modernisation of the logo was part of the transformation. Its goal: to reposition the brand, including a new brand architecture. As the group has in the meantime grown considerably with SÜDA and CARE MORE.

Our design concepts also meet the Group’s premium standards. Today, the contemporary clarity of design accentuates the medical character of their products.

As consultants, we were strategically and conceptually involved in the development of new product lines – right up to packaging and naming. We formulated narratives, presented ideas, went into sprints. In creative workshops with the management and the IHB team, we established a common language that makes dialogue within the IHB Group easy and productive.

Martin La Fontaine,
founder and Managing Director of IONTO

“Stan Hema was very successful in facilitating two generations to achieve a great outcome in which everyone sees themselves reflected. In the structured approach through all phases of the various projects, everyone was listened to with their very different thoughts, leading to an outcome that is acceptable to all those involved.”

Kathleen Raasch is overseeing the project.
She is a designer and is looking forward to any questions.