GLS Bank

GLS Bank


GLS Bank is the world’s first full-service bank for social and ecological causes. It was founded in the 1960s as a citizens’ initiative, and has become highly successful in financing ecological, social, and cultural enterprises. The crises in finance and business at the beginning of this decade, along with the Basel III banking reform, presented GLS Bank with enormous challenges. It needed to increase its equity as a credit union while dealing with a spike in demand for sustainable financial products. Stan Hema sharpened the brand’s position and updated its look and feel. The focus of our work is the ongoing implementation of the brand and communication strategy, as well as developing and planning classic advertising campaigns.

We worked with photographer Oliver Helbig to create an image pool for campaigns. They show projects financed by GLS Bank and the people behind them.


GLS Bank publishes its customer magazine Der Bankspiegel three times a year with a circulation of 100,000. Each issue focuses on one single topic, and also presents credit union members and projects. Stan Hema is on the editorial board: we define the topics, develop content concepts, select authors, and manage the photo editing. And of course we design each issue.

Stan Hema developed a clearer, minimalistic structure for print media. For example for product brochures, offer brochures, and fact sheets.

Product brochure

Offer brochure


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