100 Years of Bauhaus

100 Years of Bauhaus
Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar
Since 2015



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What makes Bauhaus still relevant today, one hundred years after its foundation? The work on the bauhaus 100 brand began for us with this question three years ago. We are going to answer it in 2019, the actual year of the anniversary: With striking branding and a free design system that quite deliberately does not quote Bauhaus formally because Bauhaus calls for anti-repetition. It was headstrong and visionary. Interdisciplinary thinking and acting with preferred open-ended processes. So we question clichés and invite lateral thinking.

Right from the start, we packed the brand with content and conceived it as an experience. Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to join in the celebrations, to experiment and also to fail. Just to “be” totally Bauhaus.

Mathias Illgen
Project management, partner

“We have always thought of the anniversary in a decentralised and participative way with hundreds of participants, thousands of events worldwide and an extremely broad target group. That is why we have built up the brand over the long term and strengthened it with content at an early stage, including #bauhaus100 and cooperative campaigns such as ‘The world sees Bauhaus’.”

Nicolas Flessa
Editorial Team

“Our editorial work in the magazine, website and social media will have been successful if the political consciousness and wit of the Bauhaus people have also become part of the Bauhaus cliché alongside ‘Ikea for the rich’ in 2020.”

Andreas Weber
Design, Partner

“For brands, their social relevance and their ability to experiment are becoming increasingly important. Both aspects fit perfectly with the Bauhaus. For us, it was therefore less interesting what the brand can do to rejuvenate Bauhaus but what we could learn from Bauhaus to rejuvenate brand understanding.” 

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Andreas Weber
Design, partner