July 2019, Modulor

“Through your workshops you have already made the development of the brand part of the implementation process. So we can work with it much more effectively ourselves and that is crucial.” Quote by Christof Struhk. He supplies Germany’s creative scene from Berlin with his legendary Modulor architecture and art supplies store. We developed the brand and asked Christof what his experience of the process was.

Christof Struhk provides his answers here in an interview.

July 2019, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Have you ever been to NRW? Many artists and creative artists already regard North Rhine-Westphalia as the new Berlin. After all there’s a lot on offer, it’s just that very few people know about it. We’re going to change that now. We are turning this industry-driven federal state in the far west of Germany into a cultural brand—and are very pleased with the remit won in the pitch.

June 2019, Selux

“Light is food.” With LUX, the new magazine from Selux, we prove that good light is not a side dish but a superfood. LUX is part of the new brand platform and the first chapter of a new media dramatic composition that we have developed for the international manufacturer of outdoor lights: Selux no longer communicates products but themes. LUX makes this visible. With well-researched interviews and articles that shed light on the subject of illumination from different directions time and time again. Embedded in a magazine that stages the reading material in a contemporary way using photo series and infographics.

Selux Case

May 2019, Die Familienunternehmer

In Germany, some 180,000 family-owned businesses employ a total of more than eight million employees who are enrolled in the social insurance system. This is a clear expression of social responsibility and the relevance of the world of small and medium-sized business. It is a world whose strengths have brought together by the Association of FAMILY ENTREPRENEURS for 70 years. We design a magazine which is published twice a year. We have dipped the anniversary cover with a hot foil stamping in pink orange magenta copper. The title and layout transmit the dynamism and solidarity of the FAMILY ENTREPRENEURS in a forward-looking format.

Website Die Familienunternehmer