January 2020, Knape Group

The eight companies belonging to the Knape Group are experts in all service areas related to track construction. Making rail transport even more attractive for passenger and freight transport in the future is a mission for generations. Climate change is not the only issue that demands a fundamental reversal of society’s thinking on transport issues. The Knape Group is growing and looking for employees to manage the necessary change. We are using our expertise to design and support the process that will position the Knape Group companies as strong employer brands. For all employees and for those yet to come.

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December 2019, Stan Hema

We wish you a peaceful holiday season and a good start in the new year.

December 2019, Urania Berlin

On 10 December 2019 the first evening of the “Urania kontrovers” series takes place. The Berlin institution for knowledge transfer fosters dialogue and opens up space for discussion, for conflict, for confrontation. For utopia! The audience is not only invited to observe but to actively participate. Under the title “Who am I allowed to become? Human rights in our competitive society” the right to education, housing and leisure in today’s meritocracy will be discussed. What if performance becomes the social norm? Moderated by Natalie Amiri, Teresa Bücker, Dr. Tatjana Reichhart, Luan Pertoil, Dr. Thomas Wohlfahrt and Marco Feelisch present their experiences and theses for discussion. We designed the key visuals for the event and are happy to contribute to the questioning of the system.

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November 2019, Grisebach

Brand development is working on building long-term relationships. Not just between the supplier and buyer, but also between the client and brand agency. Germany’s largest auction house Grisebach has been placing its trust in us since 2014. The autumn auctions, for which we have developed a multi-channel communication strategy together, are just around the corner. Their focus is on the optimised website: following qualitative user research, the information architecture and interaction design have been even more individually tailored to the needs of the users. We wish Grisebach and all its guests successful and exciting auction days!

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